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Planning to entertain at home this easter? Our coffee-infused dinner menu has you covered


As coffee lovers, we all appreciate the bold punch that comes from our morning cup. But what is slightly less well known is how coffee can elevate the taste of other dishes. From appetisers to desserts, vegetarian to meat dishes, coffee adds an earthy complexity and rich depth of flavour to many recipes.

Campos, it goes without saying that we’re passionate about our coffee, so we’ve compiled a list of recipes to inspire the ultimate coffee-inspired dinner party menu this Easter.

Preparing the coffee

Each recipe will generally specify how to prepare coffee before adding it to a dish. However, it is usually an espresso or stovetop brew, or as grounds added directly to meat as a rub. Whatever the scenario, using our crowd-pleasing signature Superior Blend is a great way to maximise the flavour of your dish.

  1. Appetiser
    Spicy Coffee Glazed Meatballs
    Coffee, spice and all things nice? Yes please! By combining coffee with beef, brown sugar, sriracha, garlic powder and nutmeg, these little balls of goodness will get your dinner party started right.

    Vegetarian option
    Sweet Potatoes with Bourbon and Maple
    Proof that vegetarian side dishes need not be boring, this delicious savoury combo will win the hearts of your most ardent meat-eating mates.
  2. Entree
    Ribs with Espresso Barbecue Sauce
    Want in on a little-known secret? Coffee is a natural meat tenderiser. As well as adding complexity to these moreish ribs, it will also help make them fall-off-the-bone tender.

    Vegetarian option
    Vegan Chilli with Guinness, Chocolate & Coffee
    This robust vegan chilli is easy to make and really packs a punch. The combination of chocolate, coffee and dark beer gives it a unique flavour, making it a no brainer to add to your Easter dinner party menu.
  3. Dessert
    Campos Coffee Tiramisu
    When looking for coffee-infused dinner party desserts, it’s hard to go past the time-honoured Tiramisu. Creamy, rich and utterly delicious, our Campos Coffee Tiramisu recipe will have your guests queuing up for seconds. Click here for an easy Tiramisu recipe, curated by green bean buyer, Lloyd Thom.

    Vegan option
    Vegan Coffee Jelly
    With chunky coffee cubes and sweet jelly, this vegan, dairy and gluten-free delight is also a worthy dinner party dessert contender.
  4. Cocktails
    No dinner party menu is complete without a tasty beverage or two. In addition to the classic Espresso Martini, consider serving up the Easter-appropriate flavours of orange, bourbon and coffee in an Alive and Kicking or the simply sweet Caffè Shakerato.

    If you run out of time to order beans online before the Easter break, many of our café partners stock a range of Campos Coffee beans. Use our handy Café Finder to locate your nearest store.

Don’t forget to stock up on these entertaining essentials in preparation for your next night in!