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"7 Road Trip essentials to keep your Easter adventure running..."
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7 Road Trip essentials to keep your Easter adventure running smoothly


There’s no better time to hit the highway than Easter long weekend – a road trip favourite among campers, Airbnb-ers and hotel guests alike.

With your site or accommodation booked and Easter eggs procured, it’s time to get down to the serious business of what to pack for a road trip.

Preparing for a road trip is an artform, requiring the logistical skills of a Tetris-master and the patience of a monk. But it’s worth the strategic investment. A successful prep-and-pack can elevate your road trip from a cramped and odious experience to a fun day on the road.

Here’s a list of 7 Road Trip Essentials to ensure your Easter trip runs smoothly:

  1. Be ready to brew on the go

    When it comes to making coffee on the road, which is obviously our primary concern on any road trip, it’s a case of having the right beans, the right equipment and the right storage. Will you pre-grind or hand grind as you go? Pack the French Press or AeroPress? For the team at Campos, the plunger is the way to go for the very reasons Will talks about in our brew guide.

    Pro tip: Did you know bottled water is better in coffee than tap water? Water has different mineral contents and pH levels depending on how it was crafted. If in doubt, it’s best to grab a bottle of Mount Franklin to pair with our beans.
  2. Keep devices charged

    Have all devices charged when you set off and don’t forget to pack chargers, power packs and a USB charger for driving (ideally a multi-port to keep everyone happy). A solar phone charger can also be a handy edition.
  3. Pack the car wisely

    Campers in particular need to be strategic when organising the boot. From tents, bedding and wet weather gear to food, clothes and drinks, it’s important to maximise every inch of available space by putting small items inside larger items, while ensuring all perishables are kept out of the sun. In the cabin, think seat organisers for shoes, water and entertainment and, of course, any essential road trip snacks.
  4. Maximise esky space

    Space is always at a premium when it comes to keeping food and drinks cold. A clever alternative to buying bagged ice is freezing water in ice cream or milk containers ahead of time. Larger blocks not only take longer to melt they collect water too, so your food remains dry. (Your fellow travellers will thank you later when the brie is perfectly chilled and not soggy).
  5. Keep kids entertained

    Any parent will attest to the importance of keeping kids occupied, fed and happy while travelling. Preparing simple trip activity packs for each child is a great way to keep whinging to a minimum. Consider adding water, snacks and non-tech games to like magnetic car games or cards.
  6. Download useful apps

    In Google maps, download your upcoming destinations to save data and consider adding apps like Waze and Wikicamps to your device before leaving home. Highlighting camping grounds, rest stops, bathrooms, showers, rubbish disposals and water points, Wikicamps in particular is a must-have for campers.
  7. Double check vehicle safety items

    Barbecue Shapes are important, but vehicle safety tools are a non-negotiable when it comes to essential road trip items. Ensure your car jack, tyre pressure and windshield wiper fluid are in good order and considering packing a windshield wiper for any dusty tracks. The twenty-cent coin test is an easy way to check your wheel tread depth!