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"Introducing our 2022 Festive Range"
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Introducing our 2022 Festive Range


At this time each year, Campos releases something special in time for Christmas. Something to show off our festive side with someone who values the same things we do.

This year we’ve partnered with Melbourne artist Lynn Bremner to release our iconic Superior Blend in festive themed packaging.

When designing this year’s theme, Lynn was inspired by all things Australiana. You’ll see plenty of iconic Australian motifs on this year’s Superior bags. From galahs to kookaburras, gum nuts to wattles, Lynn wanted Campos to feel summery and vibrant, with bold colours and an energetic feel, while maintaining the feeling of a classic Australian festive season. Think Australian natives on the table with kookaburras laughing in the distance and you’ve got the right idea! 

Available to purchase in our Superior Blend in 250g, 500g and 1kg* online and at selected cafe partners. Shop our limited-edition festive range now!

*Please note, 1kg Superior Blend (Ground) is only available in original Superior Blend packaging.