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Frequently asked questions


Do you ship coffee internationally?

At this stage, we only ship within Australia. We’re so sorry if this news comes as a disappointment.

How do I know if my order has gone through?

You will receive a confirmation email from us after placing your order with your invoice. We’ll also update you with the tracking code when your order has been shipped.

When will I receive my order?

We aim to process and dispatch all orders within 2 working days. During high volume times this may increase to 4 days though we’ll always endeavour to get your package to you as fast as possible.
We use a combination of couriers, as well as Australia Post. Please note that Australia Post has advised that some items are taking a little longer than usual right now due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

As soon as we process your order you’ll receive a tracking link from the postage supplier, we recommend keeping an eye on that for real-time updates on where your order is. Please note our warehouse is closed on weekends and public holidays.

Once your parcel is with our chosen courier service, we aim for delivery by:

Same state: 1– 4 business days
Interstate (metro to metro): 3–6 business days

Why haven’t I received a tracking link?

To make sure your coffee is freshly roasted please allow up to 24 hours to make it out the door and for tracking to go live. Orders placed over the weekend or on public holidays will be processed the following business day.

My coffee subscription is coming to an end, how do I renew?

Our coffee subscriptions are all managed via My Account. Just log in and start adjusting via https://camposcoffee.com/my-account/

My problem isn’t listed here. How do I get in touch?

Please contact [email protected] and we’ll reply as soon as possible. Note that responses will only come through during our business hours, 7am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Payment methods

We accept the following payment mehtods:

- Visa
- Mastercard
- PayPal
- AfterPay


Can you grind my beans for me?

We sure can, however we recommend using whole beans. Visit our Articles section of the website and look for our Grind Guide for more information.

Should I store my coffee in the fridge/freezer?

Coffee beans should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place – but not the fridge or freezer. Moisture and air are the enemy of coffee so we recommend storing your coffee in an Airscape Canister which are available in our shop.

What happened to the Obama Blend? Is there anything similar?

Regrettably it has ended with his term in office! If you’d like to try something with a similar flavour, you could try our Kenya Tchakakhani AA. This Kenyan bean actually made up 50% of the Obama Blend.

Do you offer cupping sessions?

Unfortunately cupping sessions are no longer available in all states for the time being. Our apologies for any disappointment.

Are your takeaway coffee cups and lids recyclable?

The green Campos takeaway cups and lids are recyclable. Check your local facilities for details. Our green cups are even commercially compostable!

Campos Capsules

Campos coffee capsules are finally here! What took so long?

The Campos coffee crew have very high standards when it comes to all things coffee, and we’ll only ever release products we are truly proud of.

You might be surprised to learn that there’s a lot more to developing a good coffee capsule than just roasting and grinding fresh coffee beans. It became evident to us very early on that capsule design and technology play a huge role in delivering a great tasting coffee, cup after cup. Whilst we’re experts in sourcing, roasting and brewing specialty coffees, we needed to embark on a journey to discover everything there was to learn about coffee capsules.

We have spent years learning, trialing, tasting, critiquing, and finally cheering as we developed our new range of Campos coffee capsules. We’re so proud of what we made and can’t wait for you to try them.

They say good things take time and are worth waiting for, we couldn’t agree more.

Are they better than a barista-made coffee?

Nothing beats a barista-made cup of coffee served with a smile from your local café but when you’re stuck at home, in the office or travelling from hotel to hotel, Campos coffee capsules are the next best thing! We’ve recreated the distinctive taste of Campos into a coffee capsule that stands above the rest, so you’ll never be without a good cup of coffee, wherever you are.

Why are Campos coffee capsules made of aluminium?

Developing a coffee capsule that delivers consistency of flavour in every cup was so important to us. Campos coffee capsules are made from aluminum because aluminum is known to effectively preserve the aroma and flavours of the ground coffee beans inside. Aluminum can also be recycled which makes it a great choice too.

Should my local barista be worried?

Absolutely not. Nothing could ever replace the experience of visiting your local café for a barista-made coffee with some good banter on the side. We know that Australians are already drinking capsule coffee at home so now they can enjoy the superior taste of Campos.

Are Campos coffee capsules recyclable? 

Yes, they sure are. Campos coffee capsules are made from aluminum which means they can be recycled.

How can I recycle my used Campos coffee capsules?

Recycling Campos aluminum coffee capsules is easy and free. All you need to do is collect your used coffee capsules and when you’re ready, send them in. We’ve partnered with TerraCycle® who will recycle the capsules and the coffee inside too.

Simply follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Collect your used Campos aluminum coffee capsules after use. Once you’ve collected at least 200 capsules, put the capsules in one (and only one) plastic bag before putting them in to a box to avoid any messy spillage.
  2. Set up a free account and download a shipping label from TerraCycle® by clicking “Ship us your waste” and follow the prompts.
  3. Print out your label and sticky tape it securely onto your box. Don’t forget to seal the plastic bag and the box to avoid any leaks. Drop off the box at your local post office to ship to TerraCycle® .
Do I need to empty out the coffee from the capsules before I post them?

No, there’s no need to empty out coffee from the capsules or even wash them before sending them off to be recycled. During the recycling process, the coffee grounds are separated from the capsule and composted.

What happens to the capsules once I send them off to TerraCycle® ?

Every item of waste received by TerraCycle® will be recycled into new product. When TerraCycle® receives your Campos aluminium capsules, they store them in a warehouse until they’ve collected a large enough quantity to process the aluminum by cleaning and shredding it into small pieces which can be melted and recycled into new products. The coffee grounds are separated from the capsule and composted.

Is there a limit to how many Campos coffee capsules I can send in?

There is a maximum weight of 20kg allowed per shipping label. 

Can I participate in the TerraCycle® recycling program from anywhere in Australia?


Where can I buy them?

Campos coffee capsules are available to buy from select Campos coffee cafes, Woolworths supermarkets and online from Campos

Can I buy a Campos coffee capsule subscription? 

An endless supply of Campos coffee capsules delivered straight to your front door as often as you need. Yes please! Visit camposcoffee.com.au to discover a range of Campos coffee capsule subscriptions available for all Australians to enjoy.

What did the development process entail? 

Capsules is a new format for Campos and one we had much less experience with. Fortunately our partners in Europe have an experienced team dedicated to Capsule R&D, so we really tapped in to their expertise to help us reach the high level we were targeting. Their team is made up of coffee judges, R&D experts and Q Graders, so they immediately understood our coffee language. We sent them multiple bags of Superior and our range of coffees so they could cup, brew and profile our products. 

From there, the R&D team began early trials and sent samples to us here in Sydney. Weekly sessions were held between the teams to taste and discuss how the trials were going and where we needed to improve or make adjustments. With roasting tweaks, profile adjustments, joint tasting sessions and detailed conversations, we advanced through the product development stage and ended up with a range of products that had the ‘wow’ factor we were targeting.

Why do Campos capsules taste so good?
  •   The coffee  - We have been working with and tasting specialty coffee at Campos for 20 years, so we knew that using high quality, specialty grade coffee in the capsule was critical.
  • The grind  - Our partners in France lead the way in capsule manufacturing and quality, so their expertise in establishing the right grind size to produce the flavor profile we were after was critical.
  • The roast  - A high level of roast data was shared with the team to ensure our roast style, roast degree and roast parameters were considered when roasting for these capsules. We also needed to rely on their expertise to ensure roast was optimized for the capsule format.
  • The capsule - A high quality capsule is key to a positive coffee experience. Too many capsules in the market are inconsistent, fail when brewing, or are simply not engineered well. The aluminum capsule used for Campos capsules are world leading and extremely consistent. Trust us, we brewed hundreds of capsules during our R&D phase
The magic of the iconic green Campos cup in a capsule. How’d you do it?

Firstly, we worked with a team of experts in capsule R&D, and with the leading capsule manufacturing facility. Too many times we’ve seen good coffee put inside the wrong capsule and taste very ordinary, so we knew this was critical.  Secondly, with our coffee expertise and our insistence that Campos in a capsule must taste excellent, we knew we had the team locally to make sure the green cup magic was there.

Is the Superior capsule exactly the same as the cup of coffee I order from my local café?

There is nothing quite like ordering a Campos coffee from a local café, but for those times when you just need the convenience of brewing a capsule at home, we believe the Superior capsule is head and shoulders above anything else in the market. Whilst the pod brewing style is different to an espresso machine, and with the quantity of coffee in a capsule being lower than established brewing methods, the result undeniably captures the essence and qualities Superior in renowned for - rich caramels and butterscotch sweetness, layered with flavours of red fruits and apricots

How strong is the flavour?

There is only so much coffee you can squeeze into a capsule, so strength is often achieved by roasting coffee really dark, and usually compromising on flavour. We wanted to make sure we found the right balance to achieve the strength and body we expect, but also ensure that the signature flavors of our coffee shone through.

How much caffeine is in Campos coffee capsules?

The caffeine content in our Campos capsules is approximately 1.23%.

A cup of barista-made coffee or a capsule brewed at home? What’s better?

Is there anything better than a cup of barista made Campos coffee in a café with Avo toast and poached eggs? Cafés are where our coffee shines its brightest, but we also believe that a capsule brewed at home can, and should, taste great as well. Capsules use much less coffee (about one quarter of that used in a professional espresso machine), and they are brewed on much simpler machinery. But with the right capsule technology and with the premium specialty coffee we’ve used, we think ours come pretty close to matching that café made coffee experience.

King St is a new blend we haven’t tried before, tell us more.

With the King St Blend, we really wanted to deliver a smooth, creamy, chocolatey blend ... essentially the ultimate ‘coffee flavoured’ coffee. Most of the coffee we buy, and the origins we travel to, are in South & Central America, and our aim was to capture the essence of the origins which deliver .

Coffee is so diverse, just like wine, and we have always strived to offer as much variety as possible with our coffees, so long as they are specialty grade ... and delicious.

Named after the main drag in Newtown, the neighborhood where it all began for Campos, this is one seriously smooth blend that’s full of character. Sweet like shortbread with layered flavor notes of plum and dried fruit when enjoyed black, this blend is truly something special. With milk, it is creamy and balanced with delicious, malted chocolate notes. King St is a blend which includes some of the best South and Central American Arabica specialty coffee beans, sourced by our experts and carefully roasted and blended to deliver eclectic flavour in every capsule.

Is the coffee as fresh as the beans I can buy from a Campos café?

No, the coffee won’t be as fresh as the beans you can buy from your local. But we know that with the expertise our capsule partners have, the coffee inside will be as fresh as humanly possible. The coffee inside the capsules is oxygen free, due to a strict degassing and sealing process during production. This means it will stay fresher for much, much longer.

Campos Capsules are made in France. Why is that?

Our partners were able to leverage their world class coffee capsule manufacturing facility in France to produce the very best quality coffee capsule we’ve ever tasted.

They have expert roasters and roasting machinery, tailored grinding capabilities, strict degassing processes to keep the coffee fresher for longer and world leading quality control processes.

How does the coffee stay fresh if it’s got a 12 month shelf life?

The coffee inside the capsules is oxygen free, due to the strict degassing and sealing process during production. This keeps the coffee inside fresher for much longer.

Which coffee machines can use Campos® coffee capsules?

Campos coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso® Original/Classic Coffee machines, with the exception of UR**, UMilkR**,Expert & MilkR **, ProdigieR**, and Prodigio & MilkR** models bought after July 2016.


All Campos Coffee capsules can also be used in other coffee machines. Our capsules are also compatiable with Nespresso ®* coffee machines; so you can use Campos® coffee capsules in different types of coffee machines. This includes other brands of coffee capsule machine that make clear they are compatible with Nespresso® original /classic machines.
Our capsules are NOT suitable for any Nespresso® Vertuo Machines

*NESPRESSO® is a registered trademark of a third party not connected to Thirty Second Bean Company Pty Ltd. Campos Coffee has no affiliation with, association with or endorsement from Nestlé or Nespresso.