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"How To Brew: Espresso At Home"
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How To Brew: Espresso At Home

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Espressos are the heart of Australian coffee. Syrupy and mouth-coating with a long-lasting aftertaste. Great espresso has a rich, reddy brown crema on top.


  1. Remove handle (portafilter) from machine.
  2. Fill with coffee ground for your espresso machine.
  3. Press coffee tamper firmly and evenly down on the coffee.
  4. Lock handle back into your espresso machine and start a shot.
  5. As coffee pours it will change from a rich reddy-brown colour to a pale blonde colour before finishing.
  6. This pour should take between 34 and 40 seconds and produce 40-46ml of espresso (if using less than 22g of coffee aim for a slightly shorter shot time and produce a little less espresso).
  7. Admire the rich crema and sip your fresh coffee. Always serve with cold water or, even better, sparkling water (and maybe a piece of chocolate!).

Pro tips

  • Every coffee is different. If you change blends, it is likely you will have to adjust your grinder setting to achieve the best result from your new coffee.
  • Level out the coffee in your filter basket before tamping, making sure the coffee is distributed very evenly.
  • Your coffee tamper needs to be a snug fit into your filter basket.
  • Espresso should pour slowly, like honey. Starting as a drip and turning into a fine pour.
  • Change to a finer grind setting if the shot runs too quickly
  • Change to a coarser grind setting if the shot runs too slowly
  • Always use heated cups to preserve the temperature and quality of the espresso
  • Use the largest filter basket available to get the best results from your machine

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