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The relationships we have at the source are long term. We’re proud of our partnerships we have developed over the years and how this has benefitted their farming business as well as the flavours in our green cup. We get to know the farmers and their communities. We are in constant contact. Always listening, discussing, roasting samples, tasting, smiling and working alongside each other to find new ways to deliver a better crop than the one before. For us, this is relationship coffee: the ultimate win-win.

Throughout the year, our skilled partners work hard to cultivate only the best coffee beans from their trees. When it comes time to harvest, the cherries are carefully picked only when they’re perfectly ripe. This maximizes their natural flavours, sweetness, and body. Care is further maintained through every step of the processing from harvesting to shipping. Freshness is key to our success and our partners make sure to have the coffee shipped as swiftly as possible into the hands of our expert roasters. It is here that the magic in each bean is delivered through meticulous roasting.

We spend a great deal of time analysing and cupping the coffee. Cupping is a quality control process where we taste and assess dozens of cups of coffee to ensure every roast has the right balance and flavour profiles shining through. It is well known in the industry that Campos has many of the highest qualified cuppers in the world and our coffee program is driven by results in the cup. From the farmer to the cup, we have many steps to ensure quality, but we always return to the cupping table for that final check every morning – without fail. Years on, it remains our favourite part of the day. The morning just wouldn’t be right without it.

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If you have enjoyed Campos Coffee in our green cup, then you have tasted our Campos Superior blend. This is our signature, quintessential coffee blend. It’s what we’ve proudly served in our cafes since day one. Combining very fresh high-quality specialty coffees from our producing partners in Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia, this full-bodied coffee is carefully roasted to deliver sweet caramel, butterscotch and milk chocolate flavours to your cup.  Served black, and the coffee also displays rich flavours of red fruit and apricot.

The Superior exemplifies our life’s work. We pride ourselves on the blend tasting consistent throughout the year.  This consistency can only come from the roasting and blending expertise we have built up since day one.  We are dedicated to that richness, that sweetness, that complexity, and those particular flavours.  All of which we look forward to tasting both  on the cupping table and in the green cup every morning.

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Our expertise in blending and roasting is on full display through our further blend options. It is through these options we aim to represent our high end take the full gamut of the coffee blend spectrum as exists in the world today.  This spans from the light roasted Bladerunner blend right the way through to our darkest Roma blend.

For those interested in discovering the world of single origins, well, our connections to our producing partners combined with our leading partnership in the Cup of Excellence and Best of Panama programs means we have micro-lots to suit any palate!  From long term single farm producers like our friend Linarco Rodriguez in Colombia, to world class Geisha coffees from Panama.  We are committed to delivering coffees that define the providence of the producing countries cultivated by the top farmers in the land.