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Coffee Sourcing Principles

Building trusted and authentic relationships

Campos is the biggest supporter of the Cup of Excellence program in Australia. For over 20 years, the Cup of Excellence (COE) competition has pioneered improved qualities and integrity in the coffee industry.

Cup of Excellence is more than about judging and auctioning the best coffees in each country; it is about ensuring fairness and respect throughout the supply chain. All Cup of Excellence purchases are transparent, as prices are published, and they are subject to the highest level of cupping scrutiny.

Our Q graders regularly visit and judge at these prestigious events, and get to know the farmers, and their families, personally. It’s more than the pursuit of the finest beans, but also the great relationships we build along the way.

Each shipment that arrives at Campos carries bags of coffee, along with tales of perseverance and dedication. Families in remote Colombian villages, Kenyan highlands, and Costa Rican valleys have become valued members of our extended family. Every Campos cup poured is a testament to the farmers’ hard work, the COE’s dedication to fairness, and to Campos’ unwavering support for a better coffee world.

To see how Cup of Excellence benefits farmers, and our shared belief in the transformative power of coffee please click here: Cup of Excellence