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"Campos Coffee Sourcing Principles"

Campos Coffee Sourcing Principles

Coffee Sourcing Principles

Sourcing coffee is at the heart of what we do, no short-cuts or trade-offs. We aim to buy 100% of our coffee directly from origin, from seed to cup.

For over a decade, we’ve built relationships with farmers. We hike their hills and share meals with their families. Direct purchasing enhances quality and improves the livelihoods of farmers and producers, reflecting our timeless Campos philosophy.

Our purchasing philosophy is driven by 5 core principles – Sustainability, Quality, Long-term relationships, Traceability and Transparency. We believe coffee only tastes good when each of these principles are embraced.


Supporting coffee producers to help build a sustainable future.

We believe that our role as coffee buyers is to help more producers move up the quality spectrum which in turn increases the price they are paid for their coffee.
By paying a fair price for quality coffees, and by committing preferencing to contracts that extend beyond the current harvest season, we believe farmers can reach a level of economic sustainability that not only provides them with a sufficient income but allows them to invest in methods that will improve their quality in the future, and for future generations.
We are also mindful of our effect on the environment and seek to lessen our impact, specifically by focusing on pollution prevention, waste minimisation and environmental impact management.


Rewarding farmers who produce high-quality coffee.

We believe that a focus on quality helps to create a sustainable future for coffee farmers because it incentivises them to achieve a higher price for the coffee they produce.
The prices we pay are set according to the quality of the coffee we buy, and we frequently pay premiums for high-quality coffee lots. High quality produce leads to fair prices and fair prices should lead to profitable businesses for farmers and future generations of coffee farmers to come.
Our commitment to quality spans the entire journey of coffee from bean to cup . We aim to support and help farmers learn innovative and effective methods to produce high quality coffee.
We carefully inspect green bean deliveries, store them in optimal climate conditions, freshly roast daily and cup every batch of coffee we roast to ensure our high-quality standards are met along every step of the way. These quality controls help ensure the hard work and effort of farmers is honoured and respected, it also ensures you get to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every time.


Nurturing partnerships to deliver positive long-term community impact.

We’re proud of the long-lasting partnerships we have with some of the best coffee producers in the coffee. Over 60% of our coffee is purchased through relationships that we have had for over 7 years, and we continue to search for new partners in new origins that we can build long-lasting relationships with.
Our team spends time on the ground at origin, in some of the most remote places in the world.
We will look at the latest harvest, then we roast, taste, and work with our partners to find new ways that we trust delivers a better crop than the one before.
For us, this is the ultimate win-win. With better crops, our producers can receive higher prices, which could result in greater investment in their communities.
We know that impact doesn’t come from paying a good price once. It comes from long-term commitment, consistency, and volume growth over time.


Building trusted and authentic relationships

We believe that every relationship we have, whether it’s with our suppliers or our customers, should be built on a foundation of openness and trust.
We are actively involved in ensuring that coffee producers are paid fairly for their hard work, and we are committed to shaping a better, more sustainable future for coffee production.
We do this through regularly donating data to the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide with the objective of enabling farmers to seek higher prices for their coffee. It also helps coffee buyers make more informed decisions when navigating the coffee market.
In partnership with our key sourcing partner Caravela Coffee, we commissioned an independent third-party impact study on our direct trade model. This level of transparency continues to help us to build on the trust and authenticity of our relationships with coffee farmers and producers in the future.


Connecting with the communities who produce the coffee we source.

It’s important for us to know where our coffee comes from, who spent their time cultivating and processing those coffees, and which communities were involved and impacted. This is because we want the people behind the coffee, we enjoy drinking every day to prosper and thrive.
Every year we travel to countries we buy our coffee from to meet with producers, farmers, exporters and communities. We connect over shared goals and love for coffee.
We have been cupping coffees and spending time with our partners in Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya for over 10 years. We strive to deliver positive impact to as many local communities as we can because we value these connections so much.
This level of traceability helps ensure that whenever you enjoy a cup of Campos coffee, you can feel good knowing you’re making a positive difference to the farmers and local communities who produced it for you.