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"Introducing Our 2023 Festive Superior Range"
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Introducing Our 2023 Festive Superior Range


Introducing Campos’ 2023 Festive Packaging! This year we have partnered with Melbourne based artist Annie Walter to create and Aussie Summer Christmas design across our Superior Blend range and makes the perfect gift for the coffee-lover in your life.

Our limited-edition festive packaging is more than just a beautiful exterior; it’s a canvas that tells a story, crafted by the talented illustrator, Annie Walter. Inspired by her diverse upbringing, Annie’s artwork captures the spirit of nature, old-world charm, and the unique character of Australia’s wildlife.

Artist Bio – Annie Walter

Hello! My name is Annie Walter. I’ve been an illustrator for around 10 years. I moved to Australia as a baby but was born in Sudan to two Australian parents. I was lucky to be brought up in a wide variety of places ranging from rural NSW to Morocco, giving me a broad view of the world. My family was always very creative with lots of hobbies and artistic pursuits. Being constantly surrounded by crafts, music, and nature wherever we went was a huge inspiration to me.

As an adult I found myself combining multiple interests by working in the music industry. Creating album art, merchandise, and posters for Australian and international acts. My work is inspired by nature, old gig posters, old cartoons, hand painted signs, and mid century illustrations. I enjoy the limitations that heavily working in screen printing brought. Over time it has shaped my aesthetic. With my work often using limited colour palettes, bold line work, and subtle textures. Ideal for screen printing.

For Campos I wanted to focus on my favourite theme; native flora and fauna. Taking inspiration from various road trips throughout this country. The creatures you get to see along the way. Highlighting the cheeky nature that both the Australian fauna and the humans that inhabit this land have. I hope coffee lovers can find a new detail in the artwork each time they look.