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"How to Pour Milk at Home"
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How to Pour Milk at Home

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In many cases milk is 70% to 80% of the coffee beverage itself, so it’s so important we get this right. We want to take you through step by step process to pour milk and create that beautiful latte art on top of your finished coffee. This guide is sure not to be missed.


  1. If there are any visibly large bubbles, firmly tap the jug on the counter.
  2. Prior to pouring, swirl/wiggle your milk jug to mix the foam with the milk. Milk should be glossy.
  3. Hold cup with Espresso shot in one hand and milk jug in the other.
  4. Tilt your cup to allow the milk jug to be close as possible to the shot.
  5. Gently pour your milk directly into the centre of the crema. Hold pour still. The crema colour should raise to the surface.
  6. Then, while pouring, move the pour around the surface of the crema, keeping to the middle of the cup, not the edges. The top should become viscous (loosened up) now.
  7. Once your cup is ¾ full, land the cup upright, keep your jug low and slightly wiggle the jug left and right to create a pattern.

Pro Tips

  • Preheat your cups/ glasses for every coffee. If you pour hot milk into a cold glass, you will lose up to 15 degrees in the final product.
  • Use high quality milk.
  • Maintain a steady stream while pouring the coffee.
  • Transfer the freshly stretched milk into a larger jug for best results in your latte art.
  • Try to use a fresh espresso shot and pour the milk as soon as possible after stretching for best results.