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How To Brew: Chemex

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What you’ll need

  • 45g medium grind coffee
  • 700g filtered water heated to 195-205°F (plus more for rinsing)
  • 6 cup Chemex
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Spoon


  1. Fold filter paper and place in Chemex with 3 fold side closest to the spout.
  2. Thoroughly rinse the paper filter with hot water.
  3. Pour water out of Chemex without removing filter paper.
  4. Add 45g of freshly ground coffee to Chemex and shake to settle.
  5. Place Chemex on scale and zero.
  6. Start timer.
  7. Add 100g of water. Allow to bloom then gently stir to evenly saturate.
  8. Pouring slowly in circles, add 300g of water.
  9. Allow 30 seconds to brew.
  10. Add final 300g of water.
  11. Adjust grind size to achieve total brew time of 4-5 minutes.