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How To Brew: Aeropress

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What you’ll need

  • 14g medium-fine grind coffee
  • 200g filtered water heated to 195-205°F (plus more for rinsing)
  • Aeropress
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Spoon


  • Pre-heat Aeropress and rinse filter paper.
  • Add 14g freshly ground coffee to inverted Aeropress.
  • Start timer.
  • Add 100g of water to the Aeropress and stir 5 times.
  • Add remaining 100g of water.
  • At 1 minute, flip and take 30 seconds to plunge.
  • Adjust grind size to suit desired strength
    Caution: When inverting the Aeropress, be sure to have a firm grip on both sections.