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Feb 2016: Colombia Rodriguez Ospina

Coffee of the Month

The Coffee of the Month for February is the pure and punchy Rodriguez Ospina from Colombia. You’ll find notes of vanilla, apple and dark grape which create beautiful, layered complexity in the cup. An elegant brightness rounds out the malty sweetness, making this a well rounded, superbly balanced coffee you can enjoy all day long.

We adore Colombian coffee, it is the third highest exporter of coffee in the world, but it’s a rare and special occasion that we can secure a Colombia Micro-lot big enough to be offered as a Coffee of the Month. Thanks to the incredible work of our Green Bean Buyer, Benjamin D’Emden, we’ve managed to established a long term relationship with the hard working Rodriguez Ospina Family, which has resulted in securing these lots.

We first got to know Lino Rodriguez and the Rodriguez Ospina family last year on a sourcing trip into the hills around the town of Palestina in Huila, Colombia. There we met a small group of eight entrepreneurial and highly motivated farmers who were determined to do business with Campos Coffee. After two separate trips to visit them and much conversation, we were both locked in – but the decision to work with these producers was more than just good coffee, ‘It was made due to the consistent quality, work ethic and commitment that each of them have displayed over time. All have undertaken continued investment and improvements to their production and we believe they will be able to sustain and build on their quality well into the future’ says D’Emden. We hope you enjoy!

Our Guest Taster

Ray Collins
Ocean Photographer, Found at Sea

This month we invited well known ocean photographer, Ray Collins, to be our guest taster. We’d been following Ray’s incredible work and saw that he’d been trying some of our rare Panama Geisha coffees last year. It turns out his local barista Ricky, from Honest Dons in Thirroul NSW, was the one who introduced him to this whole new world of specialty coffee, so we all agreed it was only fair they both popped into Campos HQ for a tasting of the Rodriguez Ospina.

Ray now spends most of his time watching weather maps for swell, tide and wind reports. When the perfect conditions click he grabs his Aeropress and fresh Campos beans, jumps into his car (or a plane) and plunges into the surf to capture what could only be described as portraits of the ocean. Chatting to Ray and seeing the passion that he has for his work was truly infectious. Everyone in the room had a light bulb moment when he said, ‘pressing the button is the end of the whole process – sometimes months of work’ and we all realised that coffee and photography might have a more than few things in common!

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Colombia
Farmer Rodriguez Ospina Family
Region Huila
Elevation 1715m
Varietal Caturra, Bourbon
Processing Washed Micro-lot

The Cup

Acidity Crisp white wine, grape, chamomile
Body Refreshing, crisp after taste, tea like
Flavours Green grape, apple skin, brown sugar, vanilla, malt, apple, juicy black grape