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We believe social good is a collective responsibility

We wholeheartedly believe that every business must play a big part in creating a better society. We happily take responsibility and accountability for Campos Coffee being a force for social good in every community we are part of.

For us, good ethics means more than just avoiding bad practice. It means actively supporting good practice and helping improve the education and living standards of all the communities we work with. We want the communities behind the coffee we drink every day, to prosper and thrive.



We invest in all of the communities we operate in. For us, it’s important that the communities that need the help, get the help. We’ve seen firsthand how coffee can transform lives and empower entire communities. Our investment in these communities is long-term and far-reaching, with a commitment to helping generations to come.

To find out more about the social good projects you’ve helped support by choosing Campos Coffee, take a look at just some of our projects at origin.