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Single Origin

Guatemala Granada

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Loaded with ripe fruits and high impact sweetness, this is a Guatemalan natural coffee at its absolute finest.


About this Single Origin Filter Coffee

Brewed black or filtered, you’ll enjoy the intriguing fruity character courtesy of 13 days on the drying patio.

The Vides family started La Bolsa in 1958. Today it accounts for over 12 different blocks with different varieties of which Granada is one. Now renowned in Northern Huehuetenango, they also provide milling and export services to a number of local producers as well.

Through their coffee quality and commitment to environmental sustainability, we think the Vides family truly mirrors our values of authenticity, care, and long term thinking and that’s why the relationship has been going so strong for 5 years.


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  • Tasting Notes
    Dried Apricot, Maple Syrup, Crisp Finish