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Keen to learn how to make café-quality coffee at home? Looking to improve on your basic barista skills?

The Campos Coffee Academy was established to provide you with all the knowledge and technical skills you’ll need to make a great coffee at home. Small classes led by an expert Campos Barista ensure you are given one-on-one attention whilst you learn the basics and get hands on practising a variety of coffee making techniques.

Level 1 at our Campos Coffee Newtown Flagship Café
193 Missenden Rd, Newtown, NSW
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There are 3 Campos Coffee courses, plus 1 in Mandarin, to choose from (max 2 people per class) which are held at various times throughout the week, including the weekend!

School is now suspended until further notice.


Espresso Coffee at Home: Introductory Course

Espresso Coffee at Home Training

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $150 per person (includes a Campos goodie bag and brew guide)

In the Espresso Coffee at Home: Introductory Course, you’ll learn about the importance of grinding, tamping and steaming milk to make a smooth espresso coffee with beautiful coffee crema and silky, sweet milk. You’ll have a lot of fun practicing proper tamping and milk steaming techniques as well as latte art.

This is a great hands-on, introductory course for anyone looking to learn the basics and practice how to make an excellent espresso coffee at home.

Filter Coffee at Home: Introductory Course

Filter coffee at home training course

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $150 per person (includes a Campos goodie bag and brew guide)

Filter coffee has grown in popularity over the years but with so many different ways to do it, it can seem quite confusing! In addition to exploring the fundamentals of brewing filter coffee, you’ll have fun practising how to brew the perfect one at home.

Whether you have an Aeropress, a V60 or Chemex, or a traditional plunger, you’ll master the basics by practising how to perfectly brew filter coffee at home in this hands-on course.

Barista Skills Course

Barista skills training course

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: $150 per person (includes a Campos goodie bag and brew guide)

In the Barista Skills Course, an expert Campos Barista with over 10 years of experience introduces you to the world of specialty coffee and provides you with the basic fundamentals required to succeed as a professional barista.

The course will cover the basics of brewing theory, how coffee and water behave together and the techniques behind steaming milks. We will also explore some of the different techniques used in café’s today.

The course is both theoretical and practical to help build your confidence as an upcoming barista expert.



我们将带领你认识并进一步了解如何制作出一杯口感顺滑,奶香四溢的咖啡, 其中包括咖啡豆的研磨和压制,以及如何正确的打发牛奶

在整个课程中, 您将会体验并参与到如何正确的压制咖啡豆,牛奶打发以及拉花艺术的练习中





  • 包250g的Campos精选咖啡豆
  • 印有Campos商标的徽章
  • 咖啡制作流程说明