Case Study - Coco Cantina, QLD - Campos Coffee

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"Coco Cantina, QLD"

Coco Cantina, QLD

We were extremely picky regarding the coffee we wanted in our shop. We worried about quality, so we were drawn to Campos for its strong and bold flavors, and its aromatic smell. Their recognizable green colour draws regular customers to us.

Campos supports us in all aspects of the cafe business. If the machine breaks down, if our coffee shots are playing up, if we need advice or even if we need an emergency stash of coffee bags, they are there for you around the clock. The word ‘No’ does not exist for the hard-working support team at Campos.

Customer support is also zero to none regarding anything that you would require they will deliver from training, knowledge, and expertise in the field. The BDM is the backbone to Campos, and we wouldn’t know what we’d do without them, as they have become family to our café business.  Campos is the best because they are professional, consistent, responsive, and always come to you with a smile!

– Sonya Gruevski