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Cup of Excellence Burundi 2014 Jury 01 September 2014 Cup of Excellence Burundi 2014 Jury Matt Dessaix of Campos Coffee Melbourne recounts the honour and exceptional coffee experienced on the ground in Burundi for the 2014 Cup Of Excellence judging. Read More
The Big Design Market 20 December 2013 The Big Design Market In early December, Campos set up shop at The Royal Exhibition Building as part of The Big Design Market. True to name, the operation was BIG. For three huge days, over 55,000 visitors flooded in (up from 35,000 last year and 19,000 the year before). But that’s what the Campos MO – to serve consistently amazing coffee at pace – is all about. Read More
Origin Trip to Colombia 19 November 2013 Origin Trip to Colombia In October 2013 Brian from Campos Coffee Melbourne along with Ben and Aaron from Campos Coffee Sydney visited the Tolima and Los Couches growing regions in Colombia. Read More
Melbourne International Film Festival 05 August 2013 Melbourne International Film Festival We will be serving up coffee at this years MIFF - Melbourne International Film Festival. The cart is located at The Forum, which is the HQ for the Festival. Our purpose built cart is ready to go and Zach and the team at The Coffee Clique are ready to make your festival even more enjoyable. We will be serving our Superior Blend daily at the cart and we are open from 5-9 Monday to friday and 12-9 Saturday and Sunday. Read More
Melbourne International Coffee Expo May 23rd - 26th 12 June 2013 Melbourne International Coffee Expo May 23rd - 26th In May 2013 the coffee world came to Melbourne for The Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition (MICE). The event was a fantastic success with over 150 exhibitors (almost double the previous year) and over 10,000 people attending the event over a 4 day period. Read More
It's a girl 01 March 2013 It's a girl Congratulations to our cafe manager Miranda and her husband Andrew, who just welcomed daughter Lili into the world. Read More
Origin Trip To Kenya 22 February 2013 Origin Trip To Kenya We have just returned from Coffee Paradise, Kenya. The amount of quality coffee on show is truly mind-blowing. Read More
Roasting in Melbourne 01 January 2012 Roasting in Melbourne At the very beginning of the year we began roasting on our Carlton premises in Melbourne. This was an exciting and eagerly awaited step in our Victorian operation. Matt, our head roaster comes from a solid roasting background from within Campos Coffee and also has experience roasting within the London Specialty Coffee movement. Read More
The Cupping Room is Open 10 October 2011 The Cupping Room is Open You are going to love this! A purpose built room with an entrance to remember. Join us for a session here on Elgin Street and enjoy the best of what we have to offer for $30.00! And you take home 250g of coffee. What an excellent way to select the coffee you want! Read More