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Superior Blend
Award Winning

Campos Superior Blend

Campos Superior Blend is our award winning blend used in all our espressos. Superior Blend is our flagship blend that started it all and still to this day it remains a much loved blend for its quality and consistency of flavour. For us it’s not just a blend. It is a project.

The quality always starts with the bean. A handpicked selection is chosen for this blend. We don’t believe sub-standard beans should ever exist, let alone be hidden in a blend. In fact, what most roasters have as a ‘special, one-off’, we use as the standard ingredient in our flagship Superior Blend and this will never change.
Superior Blend 250g

Campos Superior Coffee Beans 250g

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Superior Blend 500g

Campos Superior Coffee Beans 500g

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Campos Superior Coffee Beans 1kg

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