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Campos Coffee Sample Pack


For those after an introduction Campos Coffee and our roasting, sourcing and coffee profiles. These sample packs will give some insight into what to expect when drinking some of our blends and where to head next when further exploring some single origins.

A taste of our Light, Medium & Dark roast blends.

3x 100g whole bean sample packs

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About these coffees

A collection of blends you’ll find across our partner cafes.

Blade Runner
A light roast with a more fruit forward sweetness due to a small portion of naturally processed coffee. Vibrant notes of Peach, Bergamot and Strawberry Jam.

Superior Blend
Our flagship blend used in all our cafes loaded with Caramel, Butterscotch, Red Fruits and Sweet Raisins.

Dawn Patrol
Taken darker than our Superior Blend this coffee is Rich and Chocolatey with darker fruits and sugars. Bold but smooth; strong but not bitter.


  • Sourcing
    The quality always starts with the bean. A handpicked selection is chosen for this blend. We don’t believe sub-standard beans should ever exist, let alone be hidden in a blend. In fact, what most roasters have as a ‘special, one-off’, we use as the standard ingredient in our blends and this will never change.

  • Consistency
    We’re all about consistency. Coffee production is seasonal so we scour the globe all year round following harvest time. But as we all know coffee can taste different from one hill to the next, let alone region to region and country to country.

  • Parterning
    The farms we select for our coffees are leaders in the Specialty Coffee world for their regions. We’ve worked very closely with these partnerships over many years and many are exclusive to Campos Coffee in the US and Australia. It’s a line-up to be incredibly proud of and the envy of roasters around the world.

    We have zero tolerance for child labor, inhumane working conditions or unsustainable farming practices. In return for those we partner with, and who share our beliefs on good practices, we create greater rewards. Not just in premium payments for coffee, but also by supporting social projects and providing bene ts to the communities behind the farms.