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Single Origin

Rwanda Twumba


This is Rwandan coffee at its absolute finest. It combines both the traditional sweetness and body you’d expect from a washed Bourbon and a level of complexity and clarity that is nothing short of exemplary for the origin.

Crème Caramel, Port Wine, Sticky Mouthfeel

Roasting Schedule: Our Single Origin coffee is roasted on Monday and Tuesday.


About this Single Origin Coffee

With refined sweetness, ripened fruits and that signature silky texture; this is unmistakably Rwandan coffee. In 2018, coffee from Twumba was awarded as the #1 winning lot in the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition, a coffee we were proud to purchase and showcase. Cup of Excellence exists to not only find and reward coffees exemplary of their origin, but also to establish new ongoing relationships between producers and buyers. This lot then represents a realization of that goal and a continuation of a relationship we hope will grow and evolve for years to come.


  • Origin
  • Variety
  • Processing
  • Altitude
    1800 masl
  • Tasting Notes
    Crème Caramel, Port Wine, Sticky Mouthfeel