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Campos Superior Blend

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Our award-winning blend used in all our espressos. We’re tasting beautiful sweet red fruit with caramels and chocolates. For us, it’s not just a blend. It is a project.


Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch and Red Fruits

Our Superior Blend recently took out bronze in the Espresso category of the Golden Bean awards.



Our Superior Blend is our flagship blend that started it all and still to this day it remains a much-loved blend for its quality and consistency of flavor. For us, it’s not just a blend. It is a project.


The quality always starts with the bean. A handpicked selection is chosen for this blend. We don’t believe sub-standard beans should ever exist, let alone be hidden in a blend. In fact, what most roasters have as a ‘special, one-off’, we use as the standard ingredient in our flagship Superior Blend and this will never change.

We travel the globe to find exemplary beans to create the most consistent and delicious blend, time and time again.


We’re all about consistency. Coffee production is seasonal so we scour the globe all year round following harvest time. But as we all know coffee can taste different from one hill to the next, let alone region to region and country to country.

We pride ourselves on our Superior Blend tasting consistent all year round and spend a lot of time perfecting it. We quality control, taste and assess our Superior blend every day, 365 days a year. And often more than once a day. It’s imperative that our blend delivers on the Superior Blend flavor we’ve become known for.


The farms we select for the Superior Blend are leaders in the Specialty Coffee world for their regions. We’ve worked very closely with these partnerships over many years and most are exclusive to Campos Coffee in Australia. It’s a line-up to be incredibly proud of and the envy of roasters around the world.

We have zero tolerance for child labor, inhumane working conditions or unsustainable farming practices. In return for those we partner with, and who share our beliefs on good practices, we create greater rewards. Not just in premium payments for coffee, but also by supporting social projects and providing benefits to the communities behind the farms.

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  • Origin
    Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya and from other various producers, depending on the season. See Our Story and Our Coffee for more information.
  • Processing
  • Profile
    Sweet and Balanced
  • Tasting Notes
    Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch and Red Fruits