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"Our Esmeralda Especial Geisha Super Mario Scores 96 on Coffe..."

Our Esmeralda Especial Geisha Super Mario Scores 96 on Coffee Review


When we release a very special lot of coffee the one thing we are hoping the most is that people like it. Our recent lot Super Mario Natural Geisha, from the world renowned coffee farm Hacienda La Emseralda, in the volcanic western region of Panama is one of those lots.

We have had a close relationship with these growers going back years. It was one of the most expensive microlots we ever purchased. It also was one of the highest rated coffees we scored on the cupping table.

On the evening of cupping, Campos CEO and Founder Will Young declared Super Mario Natural Geisha was ‘as good a natural coffee’ as he ever had. Our Chief Coffee Officer Adam Matheson scored it a 98, the highest score he has ever given a coffee.

Purchasing this lot at auction (for aforementioned record prices) was a very exciting moment for us, even though we knew we’d have to sell this coffee at a much higher price than usual.

Would people want to pay for coffee that is $12 per serve to brew at home? Would they pay more than a regular cup to dine in-store? And even if they did, would they think it was worth it?

So far, it looks like the answer to all three of those questions is ‘yes.’

What is Coffee Review?

Coffee Review has a few similarities with Campos Coffee. We both first begun in 1997 and we both changed the landscape of the coffee game.

Coffee Review was the first to introduce the 100-point coffee reviews which are now an industry standard. It is now the world’s most widely read coffee buying guide with one million website visitors each year.

The 100-Point Coffee Rating System is used by most coffee roasters to varying degrees. At Campos Coffee, we aim for a score of 85 and above for our Superior Blend but frequently have coffees that score higher in internal cupping sessions we run twice every day.

Coffee Review blind taste tests every coffee, judging by a number and not a name so as to avoid bias. Editor Kenneth Davids has personally evaluated over 30,000 coffee during his time at Coffee Review and has published several articles about their method and coffee tasting in general.

Did we really score a 96 out of 100?

As mentioned earlier, our Chief Coffee Officer Adam Matheson scored Super Mario Natural Geisha a 98 out of 100. However, the rest of us at Campos Coffee hovered more around a more modest, but still unprecedently high, 95 score. This is the score we chose to use in our promotional material for Super Mario Natural Geisha. Until now.

Coffee Review scored one of our most highly anticipated lots a 96 out of a possible 100, making it one of just a handful of coffees that have scored over 95 in the publication’s 22 year history.

What does this mean for Campos Coffee?

In short; it means a lot. This was a selection of coffee that everyone in our company put in special effort for. To have it be scored so highly be a well regarded industry expert is an award unto itself.

To be able to say we scored a 96 on Coffee Review is like winning an Oscar and the World Cup on the same day. It rocks.

We feel comfortable sharing this win with our audience because we have seen on social media how much they have enjoyed Super Mario Natural Geisha. For a lot of them, this would be the most expensive cup of coffee they have ever purchased. That is a lot of responsibility to place on our roasting team. To be able to say it was all worth it feels as good as scoring a 96.

You can see more information and buy online our Esmeralda Especial Geisha Super Mario on our online shop.