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"May 2016: Ethiopia Selassie"
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May 2016: Ethiopia Selassie

Coffee of the Month

Fresh Ethiopian coffees have arrived! This coffee is sweet with gumdrop flavours combined with mandarin, lemon-lime, butterscotch and malt. A well balanced, creamy coffee from the Yirgacheffe region, known for its high floral and citrus notes.

Every May the first Ethiopian containers arrive for the year and our whole roastery is abuzz. Ask any roaster in the world and they will likely agree. In a coffee roaster’s mind, the coffee year just does not start until this coffee arrives from the origin of origins. All throughout the coffee industry the first Ethiopian beans start hitting grinders and their fresh floral aromas give a refreshing lightness and brightness to the air. The coffee of Ethiopia is comprised of 100% true heirloom varietals native to the region. Many varietals exist together and with so much cross pollination occurring at the same time it is impossible to count or even name them all.

What gives us an extra skip in our step this year is our new ‘project for good’, the Suke Quto School in the Oromia region where this coffee is grown, which we are investing greatly towards. When we first visited the school two years ago we were immediately inspired to take action.

Right now there are 943 students attending the school but learning conditions and buildings are in very poor shape. With our in-country partners we plan to build two new blocks with eight classrooms, build new toilets and plant coffee trees to increase local incomes and help prevent further environmental degradation.

Quality coffee cultivated by good – this is what gets us out of bed in the morning!

Our Guest Taster

Angela Miranda
Pernod Richard Australia

The Coffee of the Month Guest Taster this time round is Angela Miranda, from Pernod Ricard. Angela has been with Pernod Ricard, one of the world leaders in wine and spirits, for the past ten years. Her current role as Project Winemaker sees her responsible for the management of innovative wine, assisting with branded and technical projects and of course tasting a lot of brilliant wine!

At our cupping we both started seeing the similarities between coffee and wine. From the rituals of describing taste, defects and flavour to even the influence of the picking methods from the trees. During the tasting of the delicious Ethiopia Selassie, Angela began hitting notes of orange blossom, sweet citrus and a creamy mouth feel.

Angela has only been back in Sydney for the last 8 months after working in the US and UK and we were chatting about the coffee she found overseas and how much she missed Australian coffee. “I eventually found a nice café in Napa Valley but it was a petrol station,” she said with a laugh, “It’s not as bad as it sounds… upmarket wine, with petrol and they sell nice coffee!”.

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Ethiopia
Region Yirgacheffe
Elevation 1950 – 2100m
Varietal Mixed Heirloom
Processing Fully washed

The Cup

Acidity Orange citrus
Body Creamy, smooth
Flavours Butterscotch, mandarin, tropical fruit