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March 2016: Kenya Barichu Gatomboya AA

Coffee of the Month

Big Kenyan coffees are back! This high impact coffee from the famous Nyeri province south of Mount Kenya has all of the characteristics we search for in a fine Kenyan coffee – clear flavours of blackcurrants, molasses, berries and citrus lemon.

Barichu is a best-in-class cooperative which was built in 1985. Since then it has continuously won awards for producing the highest percentage of top grade coffees of all Nyeri cooperatives. Barichu delivers 95% of the price achieved back to the farmers and show incredible pride in their coffee quality as well as their return to the farmers. In contrast, most Kenyan cooperatives deliver approximately 82% of the price back to the member farmers (taking 18% for the running of the facilities and the marketing of the coffees).

We have been hungry for truly outstanding Kenyan coffee for a long time now and were lucky enough to be visiting Kenya in January this year. When we arrived in Nairobi and tasted the Barichu Gatomboya AA we were blown away and had to purchase it on the spot and declare it our next coffee of the month. We’re excited and proud to be the first specialty coffee roaster  worldwide to offer Kenyan AA from the 2016 crop! Yes, the price was high, and our pockets are a little light, but we are always happy to pay for exemplary work. Now our customers have the opportunity to drink a champion coffee produced by one of the finest growers in Kenya for 2016, so please enjoy and know that this is likely to be the freshest Kenyan coffee you will ever drink!

Our Guest Taster

Justin North
Executive Chef, Hotel Centennial

Justin North has a long culinary career, his outstanding work with fine dining restaurants around Australia was recognized with the title of ‘Chef of the Year’ in 2009 from the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. Justin has been using Campos Superior Blend at Hotel Centennial in Paddington, NSW, so we thought it was time to get him into our single origins! It was great to sit down with Justin and work through all the incredible flavours of this delicious Kenyan AA. Throughout the cupping, Campos Head Roaster, Adam Matheson, really noticed how finely tuned Justin’s palette was, especially when he started picking up the notes of tamarind and tangelo.

As always we started chatting to Justin about his relationship with coffee, “I’m still experimenting,” he says, “depends on the mood, and I’m still getting more understanding of different regions. At the moment I’m really loving the Earl Grey component of the Campos Ethiopia Selassie.”

The Coffee

Country Of Origin Kenya
Farmer Barichu Farmers Co-op
Region Nyeri
Elevation 1800m
Varietal Batian, SL28, SL34
Processing Washed

The Cup

Acidity Lemon, tangelo, mandarin
Body Soupy, zesty, clean
Flavours Fruity, tamarind, pulpy, lemon citrus, blackcurrant, molasses, complex & big