"Jan 2016: Nicaragua Fila Alta CoE Lot #5"
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Jan 2016: Nicaragua Fila Alta CoE Lot #5

Coffee of the Month

This month’s Coffee of the Month is the fifth best coffee to come out of Nicaragua this year and we couldn’t be more excited to be getting this into your hands. As soon as you open the bag you’ll get a clean caramel aroma, while in the mouth we found toffee, lime, apricot and box honey. As you continue drinking we noticed the acidity gets much more complex, reminding us of red apples.

It’s now the second year in a row that Fila Alta have made it into the top ten of the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence, and it’s a testament to the great work by Henry Alexander Mari´n, his wife Lidis del Socorro and both his grandparents who have been diligently working their farm for the past decade.

The northern department of Nueva Segovia, where the farm is located, is no stranger to award winning coffee. With some of the highest altitude farms in the country, this region it is widely regarded as the number one place for specialty coffee in Nicaragua.

The Cup of Excellence program has had a hugely beneficial impact on Nicaragua as a producer country and this impact has been especially felt in and around Nueva Segovia. Will Young, Campos Coffee President, says, “We see incredible opportunity in Nicaragua. We’ve been working with farmers from around the area for a long time and really want to nurture the region. Buying a top five coffee from here definitely shows that this place means a great deal to us.” With a laugh he adds, “Lots of farmers have actually started reaching out to me on Facebook! We must be doing something right!”

Our Guest Taster

Alternative Brewing
Online Brewing and Accessory Retailer

This month we were very lucky to have Sam and John from Alternative Brewing in for guest tasting. The guys are a brilliant resource for all things coffee brewing and have a beautiful Instagram account (@AlternativeBrewing) that we can’t get enough of.

During the cupping session we couldn’t help but ask about their routines considering they have all that equipment at their finger tips…

Sam ran us through it, “My daily coffee ritual often starts with grabbing fresh beans and making an AeroPress Coffee around 6:30am. This is then backed up by a coffee at 11:00am and a final afternoon coffee. The weekends often change as I have more time, I start with a Chemex or V60 coffee then visit a local cafe at lunch for an espresso or piccolo.”
It was great having Sam and John visit our Campos flagship store in Fortitude Valley for cupping the Fila Alta, it sounds like they had a great time and we hope they visit again!

The Coffee

Country Of Origin: Nicaragua
Farmer: Henry Alexander Marin
Region: Nueva Segovia
Elevation: 1600m
Varietal: Catuaí
Processing: Washed
Certifications: Cup of Excellence Lot #5

The Cup

Acidity: Pleasant citrus acidity
Body: Very clean and transparent, vibrant fruit, toffee
Flavours: Dark cherry, lime, floral, honeycomb, strawberry, sweetened condensed milk, crisp & sweet finish