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How To Brew: Cáscara

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Considered a powerful superfood, cáscara is rich in flavanols (a type of antioxidant best known for its support of the cardiovascular and nervous systems) and high in fibre. It’s also relatively low in caffeine compared to your average cup of coffee.

Campos Cáscara is organic, eco-friendly and comes from a place truly close to our hearts. Enjoy!

What you’ll need

  • 10g Campos Cáscara
  • 300ml of filtered water
  • Plunger or teapot
  • Spoon


  1. Place 10g of cáscara coffee cherries in a plunger or teapot
  2. Boil water to approximately 195°F and pour over cáscara
  3. Allow to infuse for 3-5 minutes
  4. Give it a good stir with a spoon
  5. Serve into cups or glasses, leaving cherries behind in your plunger or teapot