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Coffee Sourcing Principles

Rewarding farmers who produce high-quality coffee.

At Campos we value and support our partners at origin that focus on producing excellent and extraordinary coffee. Our relationship with Linarco Rodriguez Ospina in Colombia is one of many great examples on the value of partnerships.
Up in the fertile Huila hills lies the farm that Luis Linarco built with perseverance and an unswerving commitment to excellence. Luis was determined to deliver the finest beans from the beginning. He meticulously cultivated his AA and microlot varieties. As Campos saw his commitment to raising quality, our partnership blossomed because we saw potential in Linarco’s harvests.

In the early days, Linarco’s AA and microlot beans were eagerly purchased, encouraging him to elevate his standards even higher. His relentless pursuit of perfection paid off when, through dedication and skill, he began producing thousands of kilos of microlot quality coffee—an achievement that marked a turning point in his career.

The pinnacle of Luis’s journey came in 2019, when his dedication was recognized on a global stage. His coffee secured the impressive #2 position in the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition—an accolade that affirmed his place among the elite coffee producers of Colombia.

Today, anticipation brews as the coffee world eagerly awaits each release from Linarco farm. The story of Linarco continues to inspire a future filled with exceptional coffee and the spirit of unwavering dedication.

Together, Campos Coffee and Luis Linarco demonstrate the power of partnership by introducing in the highest quality of coffees to the Australian coffee lover. This is just one of many farmers that partner with Campos ensuring that not only we serve exceptional coffee, but by paying more for these better coffees we help our coffee farms be profitable now, and into the future.