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Single Origin

Nicaragua La Esquinita

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Familiar yet unique, distinct yet subtle; there’s something entirely intriguing about this filter coffee. A playful acidity, a refined sweetness and underlying fruits make this an absolutely smashable filter.


About this Single Origin Filter Coffee

This is the second year we have bought directly from Nicaraguan producer Marvin Vargas who works with his wife Maria of a plot of land they call ‘La Esquinita’ (translating to ‘The Little Corner’).

When they purchased the farm 20 years ago, it was only 1 hectare and primarily sugar cane. Today, the entire farm is 28 hectares of which 17 hectares is coffee with a mix of Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon and Maragogype.

This particular microlot is a Maragogype. Known also as “The Elephant Bean” for it’s size, it’s a natural mutation of Typica first discovered in the town of Maragogipe, Bahia, Brazil.


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    Apple Cider, Honey, Creamy Vanilla Finish