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Long Weekender – Espresso

From: $19.00

This smooth and creamy espresso blend lends itself to machine, plunger and stovetop brewing to evoke rich chocolate, caramel fudge and cherry flavours.

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About our April Coffee of the Month

The Long Weekender combines seasonally fresh components from South America and East Africa.

The South American coffees are responsible for the full body and sweetness of the blend. The Colombian adds the caramels while the Peru brings the chocolate notes.

The East African components add acidity and underlying dried fruit characteristics. The Kenyan especially adds the cherry notes with the Tanzanian contributing to this.

The components and their ratios were selected after careful trial and error to create a blend that was sweet, clean, very well balanced and perfect for all day drinking. In this way it is highly versatile – it is the type of blend and flavour profile that is ideal to be drunk both with and without milk and brewed either hot or cold.


  • Origin
    Tanzania, Colombia, Peru & Kenya
  • Variety
    N39, KP423, Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, SL28, SL34
  • Processing
  • Altitude
  • Tasting Notes
    Rich chocolate and caramel fudge, cherries, smooth & creamy