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Long Weekender

Long Weekender Camping Bundle


This Camping bundle is perfect for your coffee needs when away and relaxing for a long weekend.

This Long Weekender Camping Bundle includes:
1 x Aeropress
1 x MiiR Camp Cap
1 x 250g Bag Long Weekender – Filter


About Long Weekender – Filter

The Long Weekender combines seasonally fresh components from South America and East Africa.

The South American coffees are responsible for the full body and sweetness of the blend. The Colombian adds the caramels while the Peru brings the chocolate notes.

The East African components add acidity and underlying dried fruit characteristics. The Kenyan especially adds the cherry notes with the Tanzanian contributing to this.

The components and their ratios were selected after careful trial and error to create a blend that was sweet, clean, very well balanced and perfect for all day drinking. In this way it is highly versatile – it is the type of blend and flavour profile that is ideal to be drunk both with and without milk and brewed either hot or cold.

About the Aeropress

Great flavour, incredibly portable and extremely little mess!

Aeropresses are fast becoming one of the best coffee makers to have at home and for travelling.

About the MiiR Camp Cup

Make your Long Weekend memories a little warmer with our modern take on Grandpa’s old camp cup.

This 12oz Camp Cup is vacuum insulated so you won’t burn your hands (or melt your face) when you are at work, home, or camping.

Featuring a press-fit lid to prevent spilling and a convenient handle to make picking up your coffee mug a little easier. Use it for your coffee, tea, or your favourite drink you want to keep hot or cold.