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Single Origin

Kenya Tchakakhani AA

From: $16.50

A barista favourite for its big, bold flavours. A true king of coffees. We’re tasting blackcurrant, berries and citrus flavours.



Kenya is always on our minds when we think of consistently excellent specialty coffee.

We have released this line to be available all year round.  It is the Roaster’s selection of whatever Kenyan is doing the best at representing quality Kenyan coffee in any given month.  There will be grand cru micro-lot selections coming through from time to time, and these will have extra “bells and whistles” that set them apart, but the Tchakakhani is here for those who want a consistent, year round option.


  • Farm
    Rung’eto Karamikui
  • Country
  • Region
    South Central Kenya
  • Varietal
    SL28, SL34
  • Altitude
    1500 - 1700masl
  • Processing
    Fully washed Kenya processing
  • Cupping Notes
    Blackcurrant, chocolate, berries, citrus