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Honduras El Espejo

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Reminiscent of a Barossa Shiraz with rich layers of berries and warm spice, this limited microlot from Honduras has a profile that is picture-perfect for espresso.


About our November Coffee of the Month

El Espejo (translating to ‘The Mirror’) is a farm in Santa Barbara, Honduras, the region responsible for a number of Cup of Excellence winners.

The farm draws its namesake from its central visual icon; a large white stone perched midway up the hill that catches and brilliantly reflects the light of the sun.

Producer Fredi Leonel Castellanos Hernandez acquired El Espejo from his brother in 2002 which at the time was only producing non-exportable grade coffee.

Today, coffee from El Espejo has been a finalist in every Cup of Excellence since 2015 with two positions in the top 10. The farm itself spreads across 1 hectare with coffee accounting for half of that.

This sits below the global average farm size and so without an economy of scale, Fredi is entirely focused on quality.

This is our second year buying direct with Fredi and to celebrate, we also purchased his #17 winning lot from Cup of Excellence which makes up almost half of this very special Coffee of the Month release.


  • Origin
  • Region
    Santa Barbara
  • Variety
  • Processing
  • Altitude
  • Tasting Notes
    Sticky Date Pudding, Blackberries, Smooth and Coating