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Guatemala Granada

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This natural processed filter coffee has tasting notes of Sultana, Nectarine and is well structured.


About this Single Origin Coffee

Finca La Bolsa is a family owned farm in the North Western part of Huehuetenango in northern Guatemala.

This 105-hectare farm represents the hard work and investment of several generations of the Vides family who have owned this farm since 1958 when Renardo’s maternal grandfather Jorge Vides bought the farm from the father of Arturo Aguirre original owner of El Injerto.

Operated by Renardo Ovalle this Rainforest Alliance farm has a strong community focus.

The farm is divided into two parts with the main farm sitting at an altitude of 1300-1500masl and covering 11 blocks: El Rincón, El Cabro, La Huerta, La Isla, Nacimiento, Cocotillo, Peña Blanca, Ventana Grande, Ventana Chica, Zacatonales.

The other part of the farm, Las Terrazas, is a 15-hectare block, a short drive up the hill, which sits between 1800-2000masl. While La Bolsa is planted with about 80% Caturra and 20% Bourbon, Las Terrazas is currently planted with San Ramón as is also being used to experiment on more exotic varieties such as Mokka, Pacas, Pacamara and Geisha.

Average annual rainfall on the farm is 1600mm and total production is around 2000 x 69kg bags of exportable green each year.

The farm employs between 180 and 250 pickers during harvest many of whom are regulars year after year. Some have been coming for 30+ years. There is a small admin and farm management team who are permanently employed on the farm.

Recently Renardo has started working with independent smallholders in La Libertad, buying their dried parchment and helping them to improve their quality.


  • Origin
  • Region
    La Libertad, Huehuetenango
  • Variety
  • Processing
  • Altitude
  • Certifictions
    Rainforest Alliance
  • Tasting Notes
    Sultana, Nectarine, Well Structured