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Ethiopia Dimtu

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This vibrant and expressive, mixed heirloom lot from the renowned Dimtu farm displays all the floral and citrus driven characteristics we know and love from Ethiopian coffee … along with it’s own a distinctly unique profile.


About our August Coffee of the Month

Dimtu refers to a collective of 136 smallholders in the Odo Shakiso district of the Guji zone. Driven by quality, traceability, and sustainability, they operate under the careful guidance of their founder Getachew Zeleke.

The smallholders receive premiums on top of the regular cherry price, interest-free loans, improved coffee seedlings, processing equipment, and training – in productivity, quality, and sustainability.

Dimtu Tero is stretched over 151 hectares of land where the natural environment is favourable to produce some of the best coffees of Ethiopia. Coffee production and processing are done in an organic, socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner.


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    Bergamot, Lemon Peel, Lasting Fruity Finish