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Diner Mug


Like home in your hands, our limited-edition Campos Diner Mug is perfect for tall milk coffees or endless black coffees on a perfect day.


About the Campos Coffee Diner Mug

Inspired by the bottomless black coffee vessels from American roadside eateries, our Campos Diner Mug is a thick and oh-so-holdable coffee cup made for dad-hands and anyone who wants to nurse a big cup of good morning.

Bigger than most of the mugs in your pantry, our Campos Diner Mug is well suited to tall milk coffees or but is also the perfect vessel for black coffees brewed in plunger, Aeropress, pour over or even a classic long black.

With robust walls and comfortable handle, the Campos Diner Mug keeps your coffee and hands warm until it’s time for a refill.

Stock is extremely limited so order yours now.