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Single Origin

Costa Rica Altamira

From: $22.00

Overflowing with intense flavours of ripened fruits and generous levels of syrupy sweetness, this is a natural processed filter coffee at its most complex and expressive.


About this Single Origin Coffee

F1 Centroamerica is a new hybrid coffee variety that combines the plant resilience and high yield of T5296 with the high-quality cup profile of Ethiopian landrace variety Rume Sudan.

Costa Rica Altamira Farm Entry

We were first introduced to innovative producer Adrián Hernández through Cup of Excellence Costa Rica in 2018 when we purchased his #20 winning lot.

This is now our second year buying from Adrián and we’re thrilled to offer this amazing single origin filter coffee.

Costa Rica Altamira Farm


  • Origin
    Costa Rica
  • Region
    San Pablo Buena Vista
  • Variety
    F1 Centroamerica
  • Processing
  • Altitude
  • Tasting Notes
    Bubblegum, Fairy Floss, Complex and Intense