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Single Origin

Colombia Linarco Rodriguez Ospina Cup of Excellence #2


Expressive, structured, complex and vibrant, this coffee has it all – it’s like listening to your all time favourite record in high fidelity.


About this Single Origin Espresso Coffee

This espresso coffee placed second in 2019 the Colombia North 2019 COE. Our CEO and founder Will Young judged this competition in March and had this to say: “This was by far my favourite on the cupping table on the day of the final top ten in Colombia. A high impact Colombian coffee.”

One of our closest relationships, we’ve bought almost all of Linarco’s coffee for the last 5 years and his recognition within the top two really cements what we’ve always known.

Linarco on Farm

A leader and legend in the local coffee community, Linarco’s passion and dedication is truly reflected in this coffee and so we’re intensely proud to be able to share his big win!

‘Lino’ has masterfully combined traditional and hybrid varieties here to beautiful effect.

Caturra for sweetness, body and fruity complexity while the Tabi fills out the high notes with its bright citrus tones and almost effervescent acidity.

An exciting cup profile to match the excitement of such an achievement.


  • Origin
  • Region
  • Processing
  • Variety
    Caturra & Tabi
  • Altitude
  • Tasting Notes
    Raspberry Candy, Peach Nectar, Vibrant & Lingering