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Colombia La Magdalena

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Upfront sweetness, creamy texture and subtle layers of underlying fruits give this coffee all the hallmark characteristics of a classic specialty coffee from the Huila region of Colombia.


About our December Coffee of the Month

This coffee’s resounding appeal lies in its ultimate versatility however you choose to brew.

La Magdalena primarily represents the work of 17 small farmers who cultivate the hills around Pitalito, one of the most important hubs of the largest producing regions in Colombia. This particular group stands out for their commitment to quality as evidenced by a seemingly unending ability to produce coffee of AA grades or higher.

This group draws its namesake, unique microclimates and ultimate quality from the presence of the principal river of Colombia. Combined with altitude and the surrounding area of ancient oaks, mountain springs, and a vast forest reserve, these factors all conspire to produce profiles entirely distinct of the region.

We’ve worked closely and visited this group every year since 2015 most recently in November this year and are now proud to selectively showcase the collective efforts of this group of dedicated producers.


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  • Tasting Notes
    Butterscotch, Red Apple, Well Structured