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Colombia La Altamira Cup of Excellence #12


Our second release from this year’s Colombia’s Cup of Excellence is the Colombia La Altamira. In this Espresso coffee we’re tasting delicious golden syrup notes, sweet red apples followed by a jammy mouth-feel.


About this Single Origin Coffee

This coffee finished number 12 in the competition and when we tasted it, it was a real stand-out for delivering a fine flavour example of washed Colombian coffee roasted espresso style.

Colombia La Altamira is from producer Franco Alexis Garcon Rojas, an innovative farmer from Palandas in the Tolima growing region in central Colombia.

This coffee has an immaculate washed process, and Franco and his children have extended the fermentation processing time to improve this coffee’s quality to great effect.

Colombia is an origin dear to Campos Coffee. Not only are we big supporters of the Colombia Cup of Excellence competition, we are contributors to PECA, a program design to educate farmers on how to consistently produce higher quality coffee along with providing tools to better manage the many challenges of coffee production.

More about PECA

PECA stands for Programa de Educacion a Caficultores in Spanish, which translates to Program for Farmers Education.

PECA Colombia Coffee - Community

The program started at the end of 2010 with some clear objectives:

Productivity and efficiency

Teaching growers how to increase their farm’s productivity and efficiency, by reducing costs of production and increasing yields. This area includes the following subjects:

  • Fertilisation based on individual soil analysis and interpretation done by Caravela
  • Phyto-sanitary management
  • Soil management

Cup Quality

Focuses on constant improving cup quality and consistency by implementing best practices at the harvest and post-harvesting levels:

  • Hygiene
  • Best processing practices
  • Experimentation

PECA Colombia Coffee - Producers

Environmental Sustainability

Encouraging coffee growers to adopt more sustainable practices on their farms, such as planting shade trees, protecting and avoiding contamination of water sources, reducing the use of agro-chemicals and applying occupational health safety.

Farm management

Encouraging growers to develop better management practices on their farms, such as keeping records and planning, understanding financial profitability.

Research and development

Developing and researching best practices to improve cup quality at the farm level. Some findings of this process that have been implemented in the day to day are:

  • Importance of slow drying to protect the embryo and shelf life of the coffee
  • Water activity and its impact
  • Longer processing and fermentation times depending on variety and altitude that are key for our growers

  • Country
  • Region
    Planadas, Tolima
  • Varietal
    Colombia & Tabi
  • Processing
  • Altitude
  • Producer
    Franco Alexis Garzón Rojas
  • Awards
    Cup of Excellence #12 - 2017
  • Cupping Notes
    Golden syrup, red apple, jammy mouthfeel