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Clayboy Espresso Ceramic Cups


These custom hand made ceramic espresso cups by Clayboy comes in a sleek black box.

Set includes:
2 x Espresso Cups


About the Campos Coffee Ceramic Sets

Clayboy Mother's Day Espresso Cups

We have partnered with an amazing local crafter, Clayboy, to make the cup you dream of drinking out of.

These cups are designed to feel like home in your hands.

About Clayboy

Takumi Sakamoto is the craftsman behind Clayboy.

Takumi started working as a café all-rounder when he arrived in Australia a few years ago. During this time he became very interested in how baristas were making coffee and talking to their customers. He learned quickly and soon started working as a barista. As his appetite and experience grew, he started researching, learning and teaching himself his next great passion toward coffee roasting.

Whilst working as a Barista at Campos Alexandria, Takumi offered Campos to work for free in the roastery after his barista work. His skills were recognised as he quickly became a coffee roaster at Campos Coffee, rising through the ranks to become a Q Grader, passing his first test – a rare accomplishment.

He has been working as a coffee roaster for several years now. As a passionate, dedicated person he started learning pottery and has quickly become an amazing ceramicist. This passion is shown by the fact he works all day as a coffee roaster and then curates amazing pottery every day after work for 3 hours.

Takumi breathes coffee and art. A true artisan and craftsman. He is someone we are proud to partner with.

Find out more about Clayboy.