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Chill Out Sessions

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This Chill Out Sessions bundle has everything you need to enjoy premium Cold Brew Coffee this Summer.

This Chill Out Sessions bundle includes:
1 x Hario Cold Brew Pot (600mL)
1 x ZUKO Filter Ceramic Set – Green
1 x 250g bag Summer Haze

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot - 600ml

The weather's warming up, and that cold brew coffee is calling. This is a fantastic cold brew device to keep in the fridge during the warmer months. Super easy to use!

ZUKO Filter Ceramic Set - Green

This custom hand made ceramic filter set by ZUKO comes in a sleek black box. Green colour.

Set includes:
1 x Pouring Jug
2 x Serving Cups

Also available in slate.

Summer Haze

Summer Haze is our Cold Brew Blend perfect for enjoying outdoors with friends - it's sweet and sessionable.

Tasting Notes: Peach Nectar, Citrus, Butterscotch

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About Summer Haze Cold Brew Coffee

Chill Out Sessions Cold Brew Coffee Bundle

Summer is the season of tropical fruits and long sunny days spent outdoors.

Fresh peaches and citrus are our personal summer favourites, so they were front of mind in the creation of this refreshing blend.

A refined roast delivers the perfect baseline to ensure delicious-ness either with or without milk.

Tasting notes of Peach Nectar, Citrus and Butterscotch.

About the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot (600ml)

An elegant and effective way to produce quality cold brewed coffee at home.

What’s great about cold brew?  It’s rich, smooth and contains less than half the acids of traditional hot brew methods.  The Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot is also simple to use and is made with high quality heatproof glass.

ZUKO Filter Ceramic Set – Green

ZUKO, short for ZUGA KOSAKU is a handmade ceramics studio based in Sydney’s Glebe.

Beginning life 16 years ago ZUKO takes its playful Japanese name from the traditional art & craft class taught throughout Japan’s elementary schools.

ZUKO’s bespoke pieces include large & small cups & mugs, plates & bowls, dishes, platters & vases. Each is individually handmade using Australian clay and unique Japanese glazes. No two items are ever identical.

From single one-off pieces, which make great personal gifts to large matching sets that cater to cafes and restaurants, ZUKO’s work is functional, durable and collectible.

ZUKO’s ceramics are all organic, vegan, kosher, free-range, artisan, bespoke, halal, gluten-free, with no MSG. They are non-GMO, wabi-sabi, no wasabi, fair-trade approved with no preservatives; ying-yang, no ping-pong and lactose-free. The ceramics have no added sugar, no hormones, are gluten-free, bio-dynamic, BPA-free, dolphin friendly, whale-friendly, galah friendly, pigeon friendly, koala-friendly, and biodegradable- eventually.

ZUKO ceramics are at one with Mother Earth; they are a personal stand against Star Wars, a move toward peace & love; a mind-body statement, full of balance, harmony and joy. ZUKO ceramics are proudly IKEA-free and suitable for everyone, everywhere.

How to make Cold Brew Coffee

Learn more about Cold Brew Coffee.