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Campos Cáscara

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Coffee or tea? The choice might be polarising, but we at Campos think we’ve found the perfect pairing. Introducing Cascara. Not quite coffee, not quite tea, but both (and deliciously healthy). 



Brewed using the husks of dried organic coffee cherries, cascara is a slightly fruity, medium-bodied beverage that tastes somewhere between a fine black tea and fruit tisane. But while it might be prepared and consumed like tea, it is technically coffee.

Produced by the Helsar De Zarcero micro-mill in Costa Rica (a farm very close to our hearts), farmer Ricardo Barrantes and his daughters have worked to create a unique process of de-pulping and drying organic coffee. Unlike other cascara products on the market, the husks are dehydrated instead of sun dried. The result is a light, crispy shell, so crunchy you can eat as a snack.

Considered a powerful superfood, cascara is rich in flavanols (a type of antioxidant best known for its support of the cardiovascular and nervous systems) and high in fibre. It’s also relatively low in caffeine compared to your average cup of coffee.

Campos Cascara is organic, eco-friendly and comes from a place truly close to our hearts. Enjoy!


  • Country
    Costa Rica
  • Farm
    Helsar De Zarcero
  • Varietal
  • Cupping Notes
    Peach, cherry, dried cranberry, hibiscus