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Single Origin

Burundi Buziraguhindwa COE #8

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Hard to pronounce (boo-zee-rah-goo-hin-dwa) but easy to drink. This Cup of Excellence lot boasts generous levels of refined sweetness and a signature Burundian syrupy body; every sip is like eating a spoonful of honey.


About this Single Origin Espresso Coffee

Buziraguhindwa is normally a hill of Muruta commune in the province of Kayanza in north of Burundi.

Buziraguhindwa CWS is located in high altitude around 2000m, is also near the kibira forest where rain is sometimes more than 2100mm per year, the soil is some part mixing stones and sandy.

This coffee washing station belongs to a private company (CPC) that started in 2010.

Buziraguhindwa (CWS) produce fully washed parchment and shade, natural and honey process. It was a pioneer in Burundi to initiate and promote the market of natural coffee.

CPC has its own coffee farms and works with small farmers grouped in associations whereby CPC trains them in the best agricultural practices.

Buziraguhindwa produces specialty coffee in general. It strives to keep the environment clean by reducing the quantity of water used and try to clean this after using. Now Buziraguhindwa is engaged in organic coffee production.


  • Origin
  • Cup of Excellence
    Lot #8
  • District
  • Variety
  • Processing
  • Altitude
  • Tasting Notes
    Brown Sugar, Caramelised Orange, Well Balanced