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"Nicaragua Carlos Lopez - September 2021"
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Nicaragua Carlos Lopez – September 2021

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Introducing the September coffee of the month – the Nicaragua Carlos Lopez.

We first met Carlos Lopez early in 2016 at a mill in Ocotal, Nueva Segovia. For us, his coffees are really exciting! We love the way they carry the classic hallmarks of high end Nicaraguan specialty coffee. At the same time bearing a subtle flavour signature that is all his. No surprise then that this is the 5th time we have featured his fine work as our Coffee of the Month.

Highly attuned to the ebbs and flows of coffee production, Carlos’s success resides in his carefully considered rejuvenation program. The program aims to concentrate sugars in the cherries and increase the yield of the plants over time.

His timetable also tracks fertilisation and spraying for leaf rust. Before implementing a plan, soil and foliage samples are sent to the Zamora University in Honduras for analysis and then decisions on which type of fertiliser and how much to apply, are made.

What results is a coffee with heightened sweetness, playful fruits and a syrupy mouthfeel that makes for one decadent espresso or almost dessert like latte.

At Campos we love the Nicaragua Carlos Lopez coffee and we hope you do too!

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