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"Long Term Relationships"
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Long Term Relationships

Coffee Sourcing Principles

Positive impacts through long-term relationships.

At Campos, our belief in fostering long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with farmers is not just a philosophy, but a way of life.

El Jordan is a group of highly motivated specialty producers who live and work in amongst the remote canyons and high mountains of Tolima, Colombia. This is one our most enduring and dearest relationships. We have bought more AA, AAA, Microlots and Cup of Excellence lots from this group than any other in more than 10 years we have been together.

These coffees have not only decorated our single origin program over the years, but with their full-bodied profile of caramelised fruits available all year round, they are a critical component of our signature blends as well. Central to this partnership is a commitment to ensure everyone involved benefits from value-added products and long-term relationships. By entering long-term contracts, the El Jordan farmers receive fair compensation, and thus the ability to plan long term, crucial for the development of their community. Our commitment to fair pricing intends to ensure that producers, like El Jordan, are not just surviving but thriving.

We’re proud to continue to work directly with El Jordan which is one of the best examples of our coffee sourcing principles, including long term partnerships, in action. More than 60% of our coffee is sourced from similar long-standing relationships cultivated over many years. Each of our farmers has a unique story to tell about the transformative impact of enduring partnerships, demonstrating how these committed relationships create lasting positive change, one cup at a time.