Campos Lab Series is a curation of unique coffee releases which will showcase all things innovative, boundary bending and educational in the world of specialty coffee. Introducing our second release to the Lab Series ‘Specialty Robusta’.

Robusta is a species of coffee that is otherwise known as Coffea canephora. Robusta tends to have a naturally higher level of sweetness, complexity, and clarity of flavour. However, it is generally used in blends due to the intensity and bitterness it brings to the cup. As a result, it has very rarely been seen on the shelves of specialty cafes.

The harsh flavours of commercial Robusta are due in part to the inherent biological and sensorial properties of the species along with the low altitudes in which it is grown. In addition, the harvest and processing methods prioritise speed and quantity over quality. Vietnam grows a lot of Robusta coffee.

What makes our Vietnam Robusta coffee so special and different from nearly all other Robusta’s is not only the idyllic microclimate and volcanic soil of the region it was grown, but also the careful harvest and processing methods that would typically only be seen with very high-quality Arabica coffees.

This lot was selected from several farms in Cư M’gar, which was named by the Indigenous people of the land and translates to “Volcano”, which is a significant visual feature of the local region that imbues the surrounding soils with fertile minerals.

The coffee cherries were hand-picked to ensure that 100% of them were fully ripe. The cherries were then floated to remove any impurities or underdeveloped cherries. They were then twice fermented in anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions before being left to dry with the fruit skin fully intact in green houses for at least 30 days.

With intense flavours of tropical fruits, spice, dark chocolates, roasted nuts, and rich layers of caramelised sweetness, this is Robusta but not as you know it.

The result is a coffee with an enormous array of different flavours across all categories of the flavour wheel. It is an especially intense espresso that excels when combined with milk. The milk moderates, transforms, and balances the deliciously intense flavours.

In all our years of searching, this is hands down the best Robusta we’ve ever tried and shows a side to a type of coffee generally disregarded. There is great potential for this important variety, not only for its resilience but for the powerful flavour experience it can bring.

This is the first Robusta coffee we have ever released. And this is the first Vietnamese coffee we’ve ever released. Proud to be part of our new Lab series, of interesting and different coffees.