Introducing Our 2020 Christmas Bag - Campos Coffee

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"Introducing Our 2020 Christmas Bag"
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Introducing Our 2020 Christmas Bag


At this time each year, Campos releases something special in time for Christmas. Something to show off our festive side with someone who values the same things we do. And this year that someone is Elin Matilda.

Elin is a Swedish-Australian illustrator working out of her bush-encapsulated studio, just south of Sydney. Known for her beautiful hand-drawn illustrations that are typically a mix of ink brush drawings, paper cut-outs and digital processes, she represents the same passion we do in handcrafting unique experiences that titillate your mind, and in our case, your palate.

This years’ design ignites our inner child with a charming twist on traditional Christmas colours. The illustrations are available on every 250g bag of Superior Blend via our online store and in selected café partners. Be sure to keep a look out for the design on our Campos coffee cups in selected cafés too!