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"How to Brew: Moccamaster & Drip Coffee Makers"
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How to Brew: Moccamaster & Drip Coffee Makers

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Drip coffee machines are great at producing large volumes of coffee without much effort. Excellent for very busy families or businesses.  With great coffee and a good recipe the result is classic tasty coffee you can enjoy throughout day.

We used a Moccamaster for this brew guide though this method can be applied to most other drip coffee machines. The Moccamaster is an automated pour over system that is capable of brewing larger amounts of filtered coffee, otherwise more generally referred to as a batch brewer.


  1. Place the paper filter in the brew basket.
  2. For 6 cups add 45g of coffee ground for filter and tap to even out the grounds then place into your machine.
  3. Add 750mL of cold water to the water reservoir to fill to the 6 cup marker.
  4. Place carafe (coffee pot) under the brew basket and turn on and start your brew.
  5. Wait several minutes for brew to finish dripping.
  6. Serve immediately after for best results.
  7. See our recommended serving quantities in the table below
Cup Qty4 cup6 cup8 cup10 cup
Size2.5 heaped teaspoons4 heaped teaspoons5 heaped teaspoons6.5 heaped teaspoons


  • Grind coffee immediately before use. Nothing beats freshly ground coffee.
  • Avoid using hot plates to maintain temperature of the coffee.  This “bakes” the coffee and compromises the quality in the cup.
  • Heat your Carafe before use.
  • Before brewing, rinse your paper filter with boiling water to remove the “papery” taste.
  • Use filtered water for best flavour results
  • Invest in a good brewer. Machines have come a long way in the last ten years. We recommend the Breville Precision Brewer and the Moccamaster.

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