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"Home Compostable Takeaway Cups"
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Home Compostable Takeaway Cups

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To celebrate our iconic green cup being Australian Certified (AS 5810) Home Compostable, we’ve partnered with our favourite Australian botanical artist, Adriana Picker, to create limited-edition native floral designed 8oz & 12oz cups.

We’re proud to have taken a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable future by switching our previously industrially compostable takeaway cups to an Australian Certified (AS 5810) Home Compostable alternative.
We know it’s still not the perfect solution but we’re glad to have made this positive change to help with reducing the environmental impact our cups have on the planet.


Our Campos Australian Certified Home Compostable (AS5810) cups have been developed in partnership with our long-term sustainable packaging manufacturer Biopak. They are made with an aqueous coating that gets absorbed into the paper the cup is made from.

An aqueous coating is a transparent, water-based type of lining that is applied to paperboard during the manufacturing process. Aqueous refers to the technique of using water to ensure that the lining is watertight when it dries. This allows your coffee cup to hold your coffee without leaking or getting soggy

These Australian Certified Home Compostable (AS5810) cups, not including the lid, are suitable to use in a well-managed home composting environment with sufficient heat, water, soil, oxygen and micro-organisms.

It takes less than 12 weeks for our home compostable cups to decompose in your compost bin at home – around the same as an orange peel.

Find out more about our Australian Certified (AS 5810) Home Compostable cups on the BioPak website. Hyperlink BioPak website: https://www.biopak.com/au/about/home-compostable-cups-and-lids

In regards to our takeaway lids, Campos is committed to continuing our journey on the path of improvement towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. We’re currently researching, learning and testing alternate packaging solutions which are better for the planet so stay tuned!